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A very warm welcome to my teeny, tiny part of the huge world of blogging. This is where I am hoping to share my passion for making hand made greeting cards. So - why "Always with a Heart"? Well this is for two reasons. Firstly, it is because every card I produce always carries a heart on it somewhere. This can be big and bold or small and almost hidden - the fun sometimes is just trying to find it! Secondly it is because I put my heart into everything I produce. I hope that any visitors enjoy seeing what I post. If you drop by then please leave me a comment so that I know you called. It would be nice to know that you have found my heart in what I do.


Tuesday, 21 November 2017


Hi Everyone

Happy Tuesday!

I hope your week has got off to a good start.

I have pulled in a few (much needed) teeny tiny cards today and whilst at it I decided whilst making one I should make two!  

Here is what I came up with:

I haven't made a note of everything I used because I got a bit carried away and wasn't expecting to do as many as I did .. .. but if there is anything in particular anyone wants to know then please just ask and I will let you know.

All I do know is that I used only snippets of card and paper which means I can make a very rare visit to the snippet playground to join in with Pixie's snippets challenge and see the lovely Di and all the playmates.

Thursday, 16 November 2017


Hi Everyone

Happy Thursday!

I hope your week has been going well.   Mine has been mostly wedding work but I was determined to pull in a Christmas card this morning before I returned to printing and ribbon tying duties.

Those of you who were kind enough to visit my blog last year will remember I fell in love with tartan and plaids for my Christmas makes .. .. .. well it looks like I didn't quite get it out of my system because it seems to be creeping into  Christmas makes this year too. 

In fact tartan ribbon has also made its way onto the wedding work I sent for the wedding cabinet I am fortunate to have in my lovely Sister and her partner's salon. Basically there is just something about tartan ribbon that I love!!  LOL!!

So, here with a little tartan ribbon is my share for today

This used:

Image:  Hobby Art Stamps "CS138D" Nature Trail
Sentiment:  Penny Black "30-259" Wonderful & Jolly
Backing Paper  Craft Sensations "Merry Christmas"
Circular Stitched Die for embossing with from Ebay
Distress Ink Pads:  Peeled Paint, Tumbled Glass and Frayed Burlap for a bit of dodgy watercolouring!
Glamour Dust
Red Stickles
My Trusty Sewing Machine
Fabby Tartan Ribbon,Snowflakes and Gems from my crafty stash box

and that is it!

Coffee break over and time to get back to the wedding invitations.

Enjoy the rest of your day

Monday, 13 November 2017


Hi Everyone

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are all geared up for another week!

A scheduled post from me today (one of a few I have managed to cobble together) because I have a big week of wedding work ahead of me.

This one shows you my favourite makes for the latest Quick Cards Made Easy Magazine which is currently on sale.

My first commission saw me working on a Technique called "Mason Jar Cards" .. .. using a fabby stamp and die set from Stampin' Up! called Jar of Love.  Who would have thought it would team up perfectly with lots of penguins from DigiStamp Boutique.  I loved all of my cards from this collection but this one was my favourite .. .. and it is currently the wallpaper on my laptop!  A very festive reminder to crack on with more Christmas makes .. .. LOL!!

and my second commission was entitled Foil Transfers and saw me playing with foil transfers from Crafter's Companion.  Such a great selection of sentiments and designs .. .. and great fun to use too!  This one was my favourite from this collection

So that is me for today on the posting front.

More festive creations to follow as the week goes on .. .. yay!

Enjoy your day.

Saturday, 11 November 2017


Hi Everyone

Happy Saturday.

I hope your weekend has got off to a good start.

I have been busy working on weddings and a little bit of Christmas work .. .. of course the weddings are secret but I can share a little bit of Christmas:

This used:

Image:  Hero Arts "H5629" Many Branches Tree
Sentiment:  Penny Black "30-316" Season's Gifts
Backing created using Hero Art "CL622" Designer Snowflakes - some stamped with Hero Hues Unicorn Pigment Ink and others heat embossed with white embossing powder
Josy Rose:  Nail Heads
X-Cut Star Palm Punch
Diamond Stickles
My Trusty Sewing Machine

and that is it!

Another much needed Christmas card added to the box.  Yay!!  

Many thanks for your lovely comments and messages following my last post.  You are all so very kind.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Thursday, 9 November 2017


Hi Everyone

Happy Thursday!!

I hope everyone is well and life is being nice and kind to you.

I did warn you that life was going to be extra busy in the House of Hearts .. .. and there is still no change there .. .. but I am having to turn my hand to the odd Christmas card amongst everything else that is going on .. .. .. so I thought I would share one of them here with you in an attempt to shake my blog out of slumber.

Add into the mix being blessed with a dose of shingles and pretty much sleeping for a whole week and you will appreciate why my blog has been so quiet.  I am very fortunate in that I am only ever ill  once every five or six years .. .. just a shame now was the time .. .. but let's face it there is never a good time is there?  At least that will be it now until 2022 or 2023 .. .. what a great positive!

But hey, we will forget all about that now.. .. all is good again and I am back fighting fit, full of energy and raring to go .. .. just in time for Christmas .. .. yay!!

So to celebrate here is a rare Christmas card which uses one of my favourite Snowmen:

This used:

Image and Sentiment:  DigiStamp Boutique:  "Sketchy Snowperson" and "Large Xmas Word Art"
Backing Paper:  Craft Sensations:  Merry Christmas
Josy Rose:  Nail Heads
My Trusty Sewing Machine
Glamour Dust
Snowflakes, Ribbon and Gems from my crafty stash box

I will hopefully be back again soon with another of those Christmas cards I wish I had made earlier in the year!!  Will I never learn?!?!?!   LOL!!!

This little creation is also going to make its way to the DigiStamp Boutique Competition for November so just off to link up now!

Take care.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Hi Everyone

Happy Tuesday!

No teeny, tiny make from me this week .. .. .. .. all my time has been scheduled for wedding and magazine work .. .. which is likely to keep me amused for the rest of this year and beyond judging by the orders and emails that are coming through.  But don't worry I will be trying hard to pull in and share with you some of those much needed Christmas makes too!

But for now I will share, as promised yesterday, my makes from the current issue of Quick Cards Made Easy, which is now on the shelves.

I was very lucky to be asked to work on a few commission and these are my favourites from each commission:

The first one I will share uses the free gift .. .. which is a rigid plastic template and scoring tool along with free papers and toppers.  Great for making little filled gift boxes for hanging on the tree or even lining up to create a completely different type of advent calendar.  You could simply tie numbered tags to the little boxes! No glue needed, you just draw around the template, score the fold lines then cut and thread the little tags at the top through the slits you cut.

 The little box below was made for hanging on a tree

My second commission was to make Festive Bookmark cards.  I really enjoyed this commission and with knowing lots of avid book readers I think bookmark cards will be featuring in my card making a little more.  Of course all cards in the commission showed different styles of bookmarks .. .. but this was my favourite overall finished look.

My third commission saw me playing with the fabulous Mockingbird Hill dies from Sheena Douglas to make Festive Scene cards.  I glued my card elements inside an acetate fronted shadow box style card.  There were concertina style sides so that the different elements could be glued in a variety of positions to give the card some depth.

I actually saw Sheena on TV with the dies after I had finished my makes .. .. and she likened the dies to the Fuzzy Felts she used to play with as a child.  I knew exactly what she meant.  I spent many a happy hour playing with my Fuzzy Felts - mixing the sets together to make strange scenes  . .. ..  as you do!. LOL!! 

 So there we go .. .. a few makes for you to see today.

Must fly now though as my coffee break is over and I need to return to card cutting duties ahead of a major printing session this afternoon.

Take care everyone and have a lovely day.

Monday, 16 October 2017


Hi Everyone

Happy Monday!

Well, what can I say about my absence from bologland?

To be honest I hadn't realised until now just how long it has been .. .. so much has been happening that time has been flying.

Mr Heart has started his 4 day working weeks (which in itself has changed the dynamics somewhat), we have had a mini break away, done a huge wedding fayre and I have been making samples for new couples like there is no tomorrow!  Some of which have already turned into orders.

Then on top of all that excitement my lovely Sister's eldest daughter got married yesterday.  A wedding that couldn't have been more perfect.  Lots of proud tears being wiped away yesterday from lots of eyes.  

So lovely for all the family to be together .. .. even the London kids were able to make the special trip to be with us .. .. but sadly they are on the train home now 😢.

I was honoured to get involved with my Niece's wedding stationery which at the end of the journey culminated in sitting in front of these place-names.  I needed to make 81 of these little beauties.

Not a brilliant picture unfortunately.  Sadly my ipad woudn't fit into my super dinky handbag so I took a snap on my phone and emailed it to myself.  Not perfect, but better than nothing.

So after a long weekend away celebrating we are now back home and I have a mountain of work to be cracking on with (don't tell my Mum but I took my Cuttlebug with me to get ahead of the game with a couple of my weddings for this week). I was more than happy to sit and turn my handle whilst folks were having afternoon snoozes .. .. no stamina some folk LOL!!!

So one very special wedding ticked off the list and lots of new ones being added.

It is definitely Weddings R Me at the moment .. .. which makes me very happy and excited.

I hope everyone has been getting along OK in my absence and the world is being kind.  Quite a few of my blog pals have been in my thoughts over the last few weeks as I know they are going through difficult times.  Still haven't found a magic wand for putting the world to rights for everyone .. .. but I will never stop looking for one.

I will catch you again tomorrow with my makes for this month's Quick Cards Made Easy magazine but in the meantime I need to unpack those cases, put the washing machine and breadmaking machine to work and then get the guillotine on overdrive for this week's wedding work!!

Don't anyone dare mention Christmas!!!!

Take care everyone.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Hi Everyone

Happy Wednesday!

I hope all is well with everyone .. .. and if not that it improves smartish!!

All systems go still here for the House of Hearts .. .. hence my absence from blogland for far too long. Not sure when it is all going to calm down for me .. .. but all is good and exciting. 

New "happy couples" are arriving on the scene and that dreaded season that involves Christmas is looming at a super fast rate of knots!  So many Christmas cards in the shops already .. .. and still my box is far too empty!!  Eeekk!!

Mr Heart is on a week's annual leave which has caused chaos to my normal routine .. .. but he has taken me to see the fabby Joel Dommett at Chester (what a great laugh that was) and today has seen us seeking out new ribbon colours ready for a huge wedding fayre that is happening a week on Sunday.

What do you think to my new ribbon colour choices .. .. along with a  huge piece of hessian which is a theme bride and grooms are still loving?  

Personally I just love that Rose Gold colour which seems to be all the craze everywhere at the moment!

If I was getting married to Mr Heart all over again I don't know what I would choose from my wedding collection though .. .. I love it all .. .. and yet it is so diverse.  There is something for the rustic barn wedding, the fairytale princess bride, the traditional but no frills or bling wedding and the lace and romance theme and still I can't choose my favourite.  

I can't even pick my favourite colour.

Thank goodness I am not working for anyone as indecisive as me!  LOL!!. 

Hopefully things will soon be back to some resemblance of order here.  But I am guessing Mr Heart is going to have to return to work first!!  

Take care and hopefully I will catch you soon.

Monday, 18 September 2017


Hi Everyone

Happy Monday.

This has been the last Monday I will be home alone .. .. .. Mr Heart has annual leave to take next week ahead of a new holiday year starting at the beginning of October .. .. which means from now on Monday's will be a whole new ball game .. .. both for him and for me!  I am definitely going to need a new work regime that's for sure!

We are both really looking forward to having more time together though .. .. the best times are always when we are side by side.

There have been lots of suggestions from my lovely blog pals as to what he can start doing with his extra day . .. . and I have passed them all on .. .. but so far the only response has been for him to laugh at each and every one!  He hasn't once said "that's a good idea"  or "I will have to think about that one"  LOL!

There are lots of things I am hoping he "might" do .. .. but I won't be holding my breath. It is fair to say (and he would be the first to admit it) that he doesn't have the practical DIY skills my fabby Dad used to have.  But I suppose he has other skills instead.

So I have made him a special card to mark this special day in his life .. .. and as the sentiment says .. .. the future comes one day at a time.  That is because he is going to keep reducing his working week a day at a time until he eventually retires and then every day will be ours!  Yay!!

So here we go:

This used:

Background Image:  Imagination Crafts (no name on the packet)
Butterflies:  Hobby Art Stamps "CS077D" Butterflies
Sentiment:  Paper Artsy "HP1004EZ"
Distress Inks:  Tumbled Glass and Spiced Marmalade
WOW!!  Metallic Brass Embossing Powder
Josy Rose:  Nail Heads
Glamour Dust
My Trusty Sewing Machine

Mr Heart loves butterflies so I am sure he will appreciate his card.  I don't know about you but we have had hardly any in our garden this year .. .. and those we have seen didn't actually have glitter on them .. .. but mine have LOL!!

So now Mr Heart has opened his card I can post it here.

Super busy on the wedding front at the moment with two new happy couples joining my working list, lots of samples to make, a big wedding fayre looming,along with my Niece's wedding mid October. Busy, busy fingers!!

Enjoy what remains of your evening.

Saturday, 16 September 2017


Hi Everyone

Happy Saturday .. .. and happy weekend.

Another scheduled post from me today as I try to get ahead of the game in my crafty little world.

In my previous post I shared with you some of my makes from the current issue of Quick Cards Made Easy .. .. with a promise of sharing separately another commission I worked on.

Well, never being one to break a promise .. .. here we go with my third commission.  

This commission was to use the free gift .. .. and boy did I have fun!  I loved the gift so much and am still using it now!  What a great freebie!!

It is actually 9 craft items in one collection and comprises of four brilliant sentiment stamps, a Santa and his reindeer sleigh stamp, a star embossing folder .. .. and treat of treats a fabby stencil.

This is how it all looks when it is shiny and new and still in the packet:

You can't actually see the stencil too well in the packaging but this is how it starts to look when you have had hours and hours of fun with it LOL!!

I have inked through it, chalked through it, embossed through it, drawn round sections and either coloured or cut those sections out, I flipped it over so the houses and trees  ran in different directions .. .. .. and I am sure there is still much more I have yet to discover.

This won't be leaving my desk for a long time yet that's for sure.

Here are a few of the cards I  made for the magazine .. .. .. but I shall be making many more for my own Christmas stock box!!

There are instruction on how to make another of my cards using the gift here.

So there we go.  Free gift fun!!

Hopefully another scheduled post that will make an appearance.

I should probably schedule more to be honest.

My apologies for the lack of blog visiting at the moment.  I will catch up with your lovely blogs eventually I promise.

Enjoy your weekend.